At the present stage, industrial complex enterprises are paying increasing importance to the atmosphere safety of the environment and minimizing harmful emissions, Social and cultural facilities is creating a favorable microclimate inside their buildings. The main component here is air purity.

Vlatoks Group has been working in the field of development and production of filter elements since 2006 and the company’s specialists have been working in this field for more than 20 years.

The main types of manufactured and supplied products are

  • Filter bags for aspiration systems;
  • Air purification filters in ventilation and air conditioning systems (pocket, panel, cartridge, compact, grease and others);
  •  Replaceable elements for cleaning liquids (napkins for filter presses, bag filters);
  •  Roll filter materials.

The company has all the necessary modern equipment and production facilities. We are ready to fulfill orders of any volume and complexity. The materials used in the sewing of filter elements are of both imported (Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Great Britain, Poland, China) and domestic (Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation) origin. Our client has the opportunity to independently, according to their preference, choose the country of production of the material and the Vlatoks Group team always help to choose the right type of filter material.

Our main criteria in working with a client are quality, flexibility and competence.