Bag Filter

Filter bags have a wide scope and are used in the vast majority of dust exhausting.

Pocket Filter

Pocket filters are used in air conditioning and ventilation systems as filters for both rough and fine cleaning.

Panel Filter

Designed for course purification of outdoor air supplied to the units by air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Compact Filter

Compact filters refer to the class of fine filtration. They are distinguished by high dust capacity and large filtration area.

HEPA / ULPA Filter

HEPA and ULPA filters are ultra high performance air filters.

Grease Fliter

Grease filters are used in ventilation systems placed in cafes, restaurants, large kitchens, grocery stores, etc.

Cartridge Filter

Cartridge filters are advanced dust and gas cleaning method compared to bag filters.

Rolled material

The main application of roll materials is spray booths in which debris and dust cause paint defects.

Carton Filter

They are corrugated cardboard of the “labyrinth” (cross) type. An excellent solution for cleaning air in spray booths.

Liquid Filtration

We produce a wide range of filter elements for cleaning liquids: filter bags, sleeves, etc.

Special purpose

According to the buyer’s request, we produce filter products of any degree of complexity for various industries.

Cloth for Air-slide

Our company produces complex types of filters such as cassettes, multi-sleeve filters, etc.