Cartridge Filter

Cartridge filters are used in gas cleaning systems. This is a more advanced method of filtering air from dust and exhaust gases compared with bag filters.

The use of pleated filter material makes it possible to achieve such wide filter area that can only be reached in bag installations when mounting a large number of bags.

  • It is used for various classes of dust (staubklasse “M”, “L”, “H”)
  • Filter material – cellulose, polyeter, fiberglass, mixing is possible.
  • Additional treatments to impart sparkproof, antistatic, moisture resistant properties as well as a PTFE treatment / membrane.
  • A wide range of applications depending on the process and temperatures.
  • Shape – elliptical, round, flat.
  • We can select analogues for any equipment of any manufacturer

Scopes of cartridge filters:

  • plasma, laser cutting;
  • sandblasting;
  • spray painting;
  • welding smoke;
  • metalworking, grinding;
  • cement industry;
  • pharmaceutical manufacturing;
  • gas turbine units.