Filter bags with extensive features

Production aspiration system is equipment complex for efficient and economical air purification in workshops without the use of general industrial ventilation.

Its purpose:
• providing sanitation that are necessary for carrying out technological processes and harmless stay of employees indoors;
• elimination of residues of toxic elements, harmful and explosive impurities, technological additives, debris from air masses;
• absorption of air containing a concentration of volatile gas, smoke.

Bag filters are general purpose elements of the aspiration system. It is a “dry type” dust-collecting device. It effectively copes with filtration of contaminated gases; has a high collection efficiency of impurities up to 99,9%. Bag filters are equally impactful in various technological processes involving large ammount of pollution. In comparison with “wet-type” dust collectors, bag filters have higher safety parameters (maximum temperature threshold is 250-280 °C) and provide better quality of air mass purification from impurities and dust content.


Design, construction options

Filter bags operate almost continuously. They are independently regenerated or easily replaced at the end of operation. Expenditures connected with their efficiency are minimal.

The design of the device is simple. It consists of a number of elements:
• inlet type valve for polluted air supply;
• sealed explosion-proof housing;
• filter regeneration device;
• filter elements;
• control block;
• reservoir for accumulation of dust, microparticles;
• dust unloading device.



Filter bags are presented in a wide product range. There are many models that fully meet needed requirements. Also, bag filters can be upgraded or equipped with other facilities:
• systems of thermal insulation or noise absorption;
• devices for framework heating or cooling;
• emergency fire extinguishing devices;
• sensors, regulators, other automation.

Operating mode

Bag filters work like a vacuum cleaner: large volumes of polluted air flow through the filter cloth. Particles of dust and sludge are retained in the micropores of the material and the stream of purified air moves into the container for clean gas, then goes outside. The sleeves are hooked inside the industrial aspiration system or mounted horizontally. Separation efficiency is regulated by special valves.


Types of filter bags

High-quality raw materials, plant conditions and step-by-step control allow PUE “Vlatoks group” to produce filter bags of different designs with various features.

There is a wide range of products on offer: ASTEC, Donaldson, ENCE GmbH, FINGO, IFAB, INSTAL FILTER S.A,,  NESTRO, Ermont, Wibau, Teltomat, FHOENIX, DMI HongBo, MARINI, BDC-5-8000,  filters for cement silo SILOTOP, series products ECO, БУРАН, КЕ, ФРИ, STRADA FR, TAMA PULCO AIR,  NSB – TBS, NFLG, ФРКН, Benninghoven, КЕ-216-М, КФЕ288А, КФЕ-72-Б, ФМ, Almix, Spacemotor, LINTEC, РЦИЭул, БРК, Bernardi, РФУ, РЦИЭ-ВЕНТ6В, Simatek, INFA MAT, Nederman, Линтек, Тельтомат, Марс, Фагос, Хамерман, Vzduchotorg s.r.o, Amomatic,Симатек, Фолтер, Salda, Свегон, Lentech, ACWord, Scheuch, WAM, Amafilter, ADAMIC, D&G Machinery, ACP Holdings PLS, SinoSun, Kalottikone Oy, bag filters СРФ, СРФ22х4В, ФР-14-И, ФРИ, ФРКИ, ФРСО, ФЭР-135/3560, РФГ-УМС, ФРКН, СФР, СМЦ, ФР-П, ФРКДИ, ФРН, ФРИП-10В, ФРИП 15-В, ФРИП 30В, ФРИП 60, ФРИП 90, ФРИП 180, Coral Eurofilter chip cleaning units, pressure bag filters, chip extractors, sawdust extractors, crushers, cyclones, exhaust and air-handling units.

High-quality, wear-resistant materials (woven, non-woven needle-punched) from Europe and Russia are used for the manufacture of filtration systems: polyester, polypropylene, polyimide, PTFE, Nomex, fiberglass etc., resistant to aggressive chemical environments, abrasive effects, having a high barrier ability.

Bag filters PUE “Vlatoks group”: from complex equipping to upgrading

PUE “Vlatoks group” develops and implements effective system solutions for high-quality air aspiration at industrial facilities. The complex of engineering services includes project development, equipment selection/manufacturing, on-site installation, clearing for operation, training, service and post-warranty maintenance. Technical support 24/7.

Updating and renovation of gas filtration equipment is area of priority. Technology updating involves the replacement of obsolete and low-efficiency devices with more powerful, efficient bag filters. Aspiration system upgrading includes:
• replacement with new filter sleeves in the housings of working filters;
• installation of additional devices, options for expanding the filtration area;
• replacement of old regeneration systems with more efficient ones.

Advantages of filter bags produced by PUE “Vlatoks group”

With the cleaning systems of PUE “Vlatoks group” energy savings will be 40%. At the same time, an excellent result will be provided in removing microparticles of dust, sawdust, chips and other loose impurities from the surfaces of industrial machines and working equipment.


Main advantages:
• huge capacity range (up to 500,000 m3);
• high efficiency (residual dust content no more than 0.1 mg/m3);
• resistance to chemical agents, hydrolysis, mechanical influences;
• immunity to high temperatures (withstands up to 300 °С);
• replacement of filter elements during operation of the devices;
• regeneration of sleeves (pulse, mechanical shaking);
• various ways of unloading (automatic, manual);
• the possibility of full adaptation to a specific production;
• use in various industries.

Effective ready-made solutions in the field of filtration from PUE “Vlatoks group” are the reduction of toxic emissions into the atmosphere, compliance with environmental standards and safety rules at work.